(I have never really been one for introductions but i thought starting it with a big hello in Big Heading One would suffice.)

My name is reena, or as many of my internet friends know me, Rere. I’m (currently) a fifteen year old cisfemale filipina living in Singapore (As of now) until the time comes that i finish my education and, yes, as the my domain suggests, i love whales. And books.

My love for whales may come off as strange, i know, but i really do love whales very much. I think they’re amazing animals who can pull off looking both cute and majestic as [insert commonly used vulgarity here]. I mean, i could obviously go on about whales and how much i love them and how great they are, but i’ll save that for future posts.

My second love, and as i have mentioned earlier on, are books. I don’t know when i started reading but i remember very vividly when (okay, maybe not much of the exact date) and how i got into books. It was around 2010 and 2009, and i had been eyeing my sister’s collection of the Twilight Series that my aunt had given her. It was the full set. They were huge books, so of course, i got curious. One fateful night, i decided to just pick them up and read the first book of the series (Twilight).

That, my friends, is how i fell into this abyss of book fandoms and just books in general.

I can’t even begin to explain how much of a twihard i was. I saved twilight photos, watched the movies, read and maaaybe wrote one or two fanfictions. It was to a point that on my birthday, my teacher gave me a twilight calendar as a gift. Of course, that was a long time ago and i don’t know where that calendar is now but that was a really huge turning point in my life and i can tell you right now, as dramatic as it sounds, that twilight changed my life. I started reading more books which i preferred to be thick because for some unknown reason, i’m just very drawn to thick books.  Two other books that really had an impact in my childhood and my life as a reader was Anne of Green Gables and The Malory Towers series.

As someone with a vivid imagination and a supposedly great range of vocabulary for my age, i spent many of my “spaced out” time thinking up of stories which usually include characters from the latest books that i’ve read and imagining all the different ways the story could have ended or stuff that could’ve happened at some point. This eventually lead to me creating my own original stories with bits and pieces being inspired by the books that i’ve read. I scrapped many of them already though because i’m just that indecisive and always have some kind of new plot popping into my mind. I have one right now that’s pretty much the best one i’ve had, plus i’ve gotten most of the plot and characters down already so there’s that. If this blog turns out to be more fun than i expected and i actually continue with it throughout the years, then maybe i’ll share it with you guys one day.

Moving on, I should probably tell you more facts about me… That is, if you’ve actually made it this far without getting too bored!

  • I’m not a big movie person. I usually just watch movies when i’m in the mood (not very often) and if the movie is really interesting to me. I really prefer to read books.
  • I like to read the book before watching the movie (if it’s an adaptation of a book) or else it just kind of ruins it for me when i do want to read the book. An exception would be hunger games, i’d rather watch the movie than read the book (sorry!)
  • I’m a big milo fan. I love milo. Milo > coffee any day, am i right?! 😉
  • Once i ship something, it is automatically canon to me. I will fight you on this.
  • My favorite book(s) as of right now are The Infernal Devices and Harry potter. I honestly can’t choose, please don’t make me choose.
  • Favorite character of all time is Sirius Black aka ALIVE.
  • I have a broad spectrum of genres that i like which include alternative, kpop, pop, pop punk and etc.
  • Politics, Social Injustices, Colonialism and all the problems in the world & Chill?

Aaaaand, I guess that’s it for now then! I know it’s probably abit lengthy and boring for now but i promise it’ll get better if you hang around!


P.S Follow me on Twitter, @LIELOWATLUPINS
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