Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review


So, as many of you should know, the new Star Wars movie came out recently and because I’ve recently gotten into Star Wars, I went and watched it. Now, I know this blog is supposed to be a book blog but I decided, why not just include movies since I’m not really a big movie fan anyway so there won’t really be much. Maybe I could make this a monthly thing like a The Movie of the Month every 24th… That honestly doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

ANYWAY, enough with the rambling. Here is my review on Star Wars. I’ll divide it into two parts, a non-spoiler one and a spoilery one at the bottom so don’t worry!

I rated the movie 4.5 🐳 / 5 🐳 

Non-spoiler review: 

The film being a Star Wars film by itself already earns it at least three whales in my book and another whale for just being better than the prequels. The only thing stopping me from giving it five whales are the plot holes that are quite evident if you think about it and that certain scene but nonetheless, the movie was spot on awesome and hands down one of the best films this year. Not just because it was a Star Wars film, but also because of the way it was made, produced, filmed and etc. It was just so good I’m actually considering of watching it again and I’m not usually the type to read or watch things twice. I highly recommend you to watch this movie even if you don’t like Star Wars because of the previous films because THIS one is guaranteed to be a movie you won’t be hesitant to fall in love with.

The plot, though having some holes here and there, was enough to have me gripping my seat and leaning towards the screen throughout while still having an air of mystery that will just makes you so curious to find out what’s going to happen in the next movie and what the backstory of the characters are and what really is the deal with them.

The characters were very well written and played out, and of course the original cast were as amazing as ever. I am really glad that they diversified the world even with the extras. It’s very nice that one of the biggest, if not the biggest, franchises ever are taking a step towards being more inclusive with having POCs take on a bigger, more important role (Lando’s great but it should never just stop at one) and also, WOMEN. Don’t even get me started on Rey’s character because dear god, I am so in love. For what seemed like centuries, Leia has been known very widely as the iconic badass female character.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Padme and she’s just as awesome in her own ways, but the prequels not exactly being as well made as the original trilogy, Leia is much more well-known and seen as a role model for kids and adults alike. But now, with this new continuity of the story, Rey has inevitably become a new addition to the list of iconic badass female characters.


I just think it’s so great how JJ made Rey this awesome character who is very independent and strong physically, mentally and emotionally. Most of the time, she was the one saving Finn from all the troubles they encounter and isn’t that just sweet? You can also see how compassionate of a person she is by the way she chose to accompany BB-8 and try to convince Finn on doing certain things that she knew was for everyone’s benefit.


The best thing about Rey’s character though, is how JJ didn’t exactly emphasize on her being a girl. It was just there for you to see, but there wasn’t any emphasis on her being a girl because being a girl was just a part of her. Being a girl is not what she is, it’s just a part of her like how being male is a part of male characters. Her character traits and story were much more focused on and there were no “Oh, but she’s a girl” moments of anything and I think, a girl, that is one of the best things that has ever happened in Film History. She’s a very empowering character overall for us who identify as girls and have been subjected to centuries of movies either objectifying us or are filled with internalized misogyny and put down and etcetera.

I could go on and on about Rey for ages but I’ll leave it to another time and actually move on about other things.

Finn was also a great character who really did balance the comical relief of the movie with all the seriousness going on. Most of the times I laughed during the movie were because of him, so props to him for being the perfect balance of a comical relief and a strong, vital character.


There wasn’t a lot of Poe so I can’t really comment much on his character other than him being extremely adorable and very nice. (I also cannot post a gif of him without it being spoilery, I think, so I’m sorry!) And also, finally a Hispanic man in the galaxy! I was beginning to think whether they even existed in that world. Glad to know they do.

All in all, I think I really like the new golden trio and I’m looking forward to what more they have to offer and what more are they going to go and how they’re going to do it together. I’m really loving them and the movie definitely lived up to its hype.

The cast were full of great actors and actresses, and like what I have mentioned, more diversity is included (Lupita O’nyong anybody?!) and just thinking about it makes me so goddamned happy. I love the cast, they’re all amazing, funny people and I’ve said this so many times already but I need more of them as their characters. It’s just simply not enough. I need the next movie ASAP.

That’s all for the non-spoiler review I guess. Below will be the spoiler one so unless you have watched the movie, I suggest you to just stop reading now and go somewhere else. I’ll be posting more content soon as I’m finishing the harry potter books and also, I’m thinking of doing some end-of-year and a new year’s goals or something so look forward to that and yeah, that’s all! Go watch the movie! Totally worth it! What are you doing not watching it yet anyway?!


Ok, so here I will FINALLY be able to rant about my emotions on the film. My god, what a wild ride it was.


(BB-8 in that gif was literally how I felt was happening to me throughout the movie honestly.)

The movie started with Poe getting the information on Luke’s whereabouts an yadda yadda, he gets captured and mind tortured by Kylo ren until he gives him the information they want.

And then the start of the most amazing relationship between characters in this new story happened.

Finn/Poe or also known as, Stormpilot.

I mean come on, Poe gives Finn his name after knowing each other for like, five minutes, and is actually the first person to acknowledge him as a person and not just a number. This alone brings great happiness to my heart.

And then suddenly Poe dies and a small part of me died too but hey, I kept believing because unless there’s no physical body, then there’s no death, right? 🙂

And lo and behold, he really does come back later on in the movie and god help me, my shipper heart just exploded with unholy emotions at their reunion scene. It was when I thought, Poe couldn’t possibly be completely straight or even just straight, at all. He just couldn’t be. And if he is, then JJ really needs to sort his shit out and set things straight (or for this case, curly.)





Just the way Poe looks at Finn is enough to tell me. If Poe and Finn don’t end up being canon, I’m going to be really mad and probably write some kind of petition. It’s just not possible for stormpilot to not be canon. It just isn’t.


I also really liked the part when Finn meets Rey and they’re running from the storm troopers finding them and Finn just keeps holding Rey’s hand while she’s just like “stop holding my hand wtf” and even though it was supposed to be like a serious scene because they’re escaping and everything’s exploding and stuff, I couldn’t help but laugh because it was really cute. Rey didn’t need Finn holding her hand but Finn definitely needed it and Finn is just so cute.

I may have shipped them for, like a scene or two, but then I decided halfway in the movie that their relationship was probably more familial and platonic than romantic and Finn and Poe were a much better ship to ship but hey, they’re still cute. I just think Rey, Finn and Poe as a trio is so good and I need more of them because they’re all such great characters and just so cute. Not to mention the actors themselves are very cute and close behind the scenes too with john calling daisy peanut and stuff. How much cuter can they get, honestly?

And then hanleia happened and everything just. Hurt.


Hanleia just made me feel all sorts of things and I could very well relate to C3PO in IV.


Seriously though?! Can they just give me a break?

Before Star Wars I had just finished Order of the Phoenix and let me tell you, I spent two days crying and until now, the wound has not closed and I am still very affected of what has happened and then this happened and I’m just.

Can everyone stop dying? Please? Can creators just stop killing characters off, like it’s freakin’ Christmas for god’s sake. It’s supposed to be a jolly time, not a mourning-for-fictional-characters time!!

Sigh. I’m never going to get over these, it’s just something you have to learn to live with forever.

Speaking of forever, Kylo ren just made it to my list of characters I do not fancy at all in any type of way. What he did was just plain unforgivable. One does not just kill han solo and get away with it liked?! This number one Vader ass licking piece of emo shit needs to get his issues fixed and just. Grow up. You will never be like Anakin; you will never be the second Vader. He’s dead already and he will never notice or acknowledge you so just move on already; your emo teen rebel phase needs to come to an end.

On a much heavier note, Leia. I cannot even explain how much my heart cried for her because goddamn she is constantly going through really tough, heartbreaking stuff and yet she always has to stay strong for everybody else especially now as her new role of the general. Her face when she felt han die made a part of me die too because shit, I can’t even imagine how hard it must’ve been for her. They’ve been separated for years and now they finally have the chance to reunite, he dies and she’s just there. All alone. Because he’s dead, her son insists on following his grandfather’s footsteps and her twin is missing. Great. Just great. Yet, throughout all of this, she still guides the rebel alliance and she still gives Rey encouragement and I just… She is not the Leia Organa/Skywalker/Solo that everybody looks up to for nothing. My heart breaks for her but I also admire her for all the same reasons. There’s just no reason to not love Leia and Leia deserves all the love and appreciation in the world.

I talked about Rey quite a lot in my non-spoiler review so I guess I’ll have to keep it short this time. The plot holes I mentioned earlier on included Rey. It’s probably something that will be filled in once her backstory is showed, but I just can’t seem to quite understand how fast Rey learnt on how to use the force? Like the lightsaber, I can excuse because she wields a staff so I assume she has enough practice with that to be able to handle a lightsaber well and for Finn… I guess because he was a storm trooper? Honestly, I don’t know but I just want more explanation on why Rey knows so much about the force and how she knows and how she learnt it so fast. I mean Luke did learn the force pretty fast too but nonetheless, he was still shown trained by Obiwan and Yoda so what about Rey? I’m really intrigued and I think, I hope, this is something that is fleshed out more and explained in the next movie. I really really want to know what happened in Rey’s childhood and what exactly is her relations with Luke. Is she really Luke’s daughter or what?

Other than that, I really did enjoy the fight scenes in the movie, the lightsaber scenes in particular, and it’s definitely now one of my favorite movies.

That’s all for this I guess? So… yeah. Until the next time!

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