Harry Potter Review


I am back, just as i said though probably not on time, with my harry potter review which i have just finished recently, like two days ago or so. This is not really going to be a long review post because, i mean, come on. What more is there to say other than it’s amazing and definitely worth the hype.

I rate it 10000 🐳  / 5 🐳 

There’s really no going any lower than that. I loved all of the books and the characters just felt so real and connecting with them, especially harry, is not a very difficult task. I found myself being able to relate to harry so much in Order of the phoenix where he was just mostly angry and angsty and the pain at the end that he suffered, i felt it too. I also found, after reading these books, my most favorite fictional character of all time (Sirius Black).

Though i can say that there is a lack of representation in the book despite the whole book really being about diversity, the imagination of the appearances of the characters are still up to the reader and to me, all of them are POCs except maybe the weasleys because them being ginger is kind of their trademark but either way, they’re all great.

Except severus snape. I absolutely loath him and everything he is. I don’t agree with anything he says or does and i just don’t know how anyone can glorify him or put him in some positive light when really, he’s not a brave character at all. There was nothing remotely brave about him. I don’t know what JK Rowling was doing, naming harry’s son over him, but he’s just detestable and it’s all his fault that his whole mess happened with harry. He might have loved lily at the start but let’s be real, it became obsessive and unhealthy towards the later part and the fact that he’d sacrifice her husband and her one year old son for her is not romantic at all. He’s just outright creepy and greasy and disgusting and obsessive. Jily > Snily all the freakin way!


I loved ginny’s character development from Order of the phoenix onwards. She’s such a great, out spoken, witty character and i’m so glad she ended up with harry because she deserves to be happy and have all the love she deserves in the world. I just love how she doesn’t take anyone’s shit, from her brothers to harry and even to Hermione. And yet, she understands when to step back like how she stepped back with her relationship with harry even though she didn’t want to and trust me, as much as i love hermione, i just find ginny to be a better suit with harry. I could go on with this, but alas, i’ll leave it for another day.


I don’t want to go on full details about the personalities and character growth about the characters here because it’ll become quite long winded but perhaps i’ll make one some other day, i don’t know.

I have to say though, my favorite book initially was Prisoner of Azkaban but now that i’ve actually read all of it, i have to say Deathly Hallows would be a very close second. I just love all the action and thick plot line in deathly hallows and i especially loooved the story of the Hallows and all that jazz. It’s so interesting and i’d love to go on a quest for the Hallows too. My only complaint with Deathly hallows would be all the deaths that were so unnecessary and too painful to bear and the ending where harry named his youngest son Albus Severus like.. what kind of ugly name is that? Out of all the names you could’ve chosen? Like maybe rubeus regulus or something? Yikes. Anyway, as much as i love those two, the book that had the most impact on me though was Order of the phoenix. Mostly because it was very angsty and like i said, i could relate to harry the most in this book, but also because it made me cry for two straight days and until now, i’m still not over it. Thinking about it already makes me tear up and want to shred my head and heart into pieces.


Anyway, that’ll be all for my review. I’ll be posting some more later today or tomorrow about my favorite books in 2015 and goals in 2016 and some tags too.


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