Characters I defend // T5W


It’s been a long time since i’ve done a post. I’m so horrible at these, i know, and i’m always giving out excuses so i won’t be able to promise when the next time i’ll post be because life’s just extremely busy right now. So many things happening, especially with my ticket to getting out of high school dawning nearer and nearer everyday, so i am terribly sorry. I’d probably get better at this whole blogging thing when school finally ends or so i hope.

I decided to do this week’s top five Wednesday because it’s a topic i would love to indulge myself in. I’d probably do a jolly good job rambling on about these characters, so without further a due, let me present to you the top five characters i’ll defend until the very end  (thumbs up if you got that reference)

1) The marauders (minus peter rattigrew)

 I think this one’s a no-brainer considering my username and everything consists of, well, them. They’re just my ultimate favorites and i don’t see any reason at all to hate on them. OK, i know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and deserve a chance to express them, i do respect different opinions but that doesn’t mean it’s not wrong so….

2) The TID gang 

For starters, why would anyone even ever have a problem with Jem The Angel Carstairs? He’s a literal angel, he even has silver hair and all, like come on! “Boring” you say? I think his character is just as complex as will’s character, he is supposed to be the opposite of will to keep will grounded. And while we’re on the topic of Will Also an Angel Herondale, it’s not very hard to love him. Yeah, he was an arse at the start and it’s wrong no matter what excuse he has, but he did have his reasons and it wasn’t like he was an arse for the sake of being an arse. Give the guy a break, he’s been through hell yet he still puts the sake of others before him. Don’t even get me started on Tessa, Charlotte, Sophie and even Jessamine. I WILL DRAG YOU.

3) Raven Reyes

This one’s a bit different because yes, i know The 100 is also a book series, but i’m referring to the TV show Raven so i’m not entirely sure if she’s the same in the books and in the tv show but either way, RAVEN REYES IS MY SWEET, PRECIOUS CHILD WHO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS AND I SHALL DEFEND HER TILL THE VERY END. She’s gone through so much and lost so many people yet she’s still this strong, extremely smart badass who has saved the day SO. MANY. TIMES. Like, yeah Clarke and Bellamy are the leaders who comes up with the ideas and all but let’s be honest, so many of the situations they were in wouldn’t have been solved if not for Raven.

4) Pynch

 I don’t think i’ve seen anyone outright hate on Ronan and Adam, i don’t think anyone dares to honestly, but also because why would you hate them? Who hurt you so much for you to hate them tbh? i just don’t see any reason to, really.

5) The women in Star wars

Remember that time people tried to make Rey a mary sue,, yeah you can bet i hopped on the rey defense squad pretty fast because WHY does it seem so impossible for a woman to be strong and smart enough to be a quick learner? All these “reasons” for calling Rey a mary sue literally applies to Luke and Anakin but oh no, it’s natural for them because they’re guys is it now? Don’t even argue on me on this. I have a whole thread to debunk this whole rey is a mary sue concept. Don’t even get me started on Leia who got slutshamed for being jabba’s slave when she tried to save han and Padme, the queen of my heart. They’re all such strong, inspiring individuals (Despite the whole incest thing) who deserve just as much recognition as the men, really.

Ok, so as you can see, my indecisiveness seeped right through this whole post. I can’t even choose just one character each.. It’s not that easy when you love so many characters who need defending ok! (Although all of these characters could very easily defend themselves but still,,) Also, you might notice that i’m lacking in gifs and photos in this post and i’m very sorry about that but i’m using another laptop and i can’t figure out for the life of me how to add media because for the reason, i just can’t upload any? I’ll try again in the future though!

That’s all i have for today so,



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